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Big Film Icons

Showcase for movie icons

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Hey there folks.

Welcome to the Big Film Icons community, where you can share any icons you have, providing they come from a movie, not a tv show. Even anime or cartoon movies are accepted.

I'm going to expand this page later, but here are a few basic rules

1 - If you're showing 5 or more icons, please link to it or put it under a lj-cut.
2 - If the icon contains HUGE spoilers, please put it under a cut and say so. When I say spoiler, I mean an image that can give a huge part of the plot away.
3 - You can post any icons here, any icons. Just make sure that one of them involves a movie ;3

Oh, if you want to add an interest to the list, please be sure to comment on this post, stating that you'd like to add an interest, then what it is.

ff_layouts - Check it out if you like Final Fantasy. They have some awsome layouts.

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